U.S. EPA granted an unconditional registration of PoaCure<sup>®</sup> in golf courses

U.S. EPA granted an unconditional registration of PoaCure® in golf courses


Daejeon, South Korea, December 11, 2019 – Moghu Research Center announced today that the U.S. EPA granted an unconditional registration of PoaCure® as of December 9, 2019. PoaCure® is a pre- and post-emergence grass herbicide for selective control of annual bluegrass and roughstalk bluegrass in golf course turf including creeping bentgrass putting greens.


PoaCure® is a new turf herbicide based on the new active ingredient Methiozolin. U.S. EPA granted registrations of Methiozolin and two formulations of PoaCure®. The approval covers golf courses only, and Moghu has a plan to expand the uses to sports turfs, sods etc in the future.


Moghu started applying for the state registrations. Moghu expects the state registrations in the most states will be available before April 2020. The state registration status will be posted at www.poacure.com, which is to open in January 2020.


PoaCure® will be manufactured in South Korea, and directly distributed to the US golf courses by Moghu USA LLC through www.poacure.com.


The package of PoaCure® will be 16 fl oz. bottles. The tentative price is $250/bottle, and $5,000/a box (20 bottles). One bottle is good for six applications on ~4,400 ft2 size putting green, and a box is good for six applications on 2.1 acres of putting greens, or 4 applications on 1.6 acres of green surrounds/fairways. Please read the details of the approval in the attached label.


About Moghu Research Center

Moghu Research Center is an R&D company specializing in new herbicide discovery and development located in Daejeon, South Korea. More information on the company is available at www.moghu.com



Kyung Han

Director of Sales and Technology, PoaCure





PoaCure SC Herbicide Specimen Label

 PoaCure SC Herbicide Specimen Label