Our Story

Our story

PoaCure (Active Ingredient: Methiozolin) was discovered and developed by Moghu Research Center Ltd., based in South Korea. Dr. Suk-Jin Koo founded Moghu Research Center in 2007 and founded Moghu USA LLC in 2012 to distribute PoaCure in the USA.

PoaCure was first tested in golf turf in 2009 by Dr. R. Harold Walker of Auburn University and Dr. Shawn D. Askew of Virginia Polytechnic and State University in the USA. Since then, almost every state university having a turfgrass program tested PoaCure. Several graduate students including two Ph.D.s and four Masters degrees received related to PoaCure research.

Moghu Research Center obtained the Experimental Use Permit (EUP) from U.S. EPA in 2014. Over 40 golf courses used PoaCure under EUP every year until 2018. In addition to the EUP, over 200 golf courses have tested through the university trials. Consistent Poa control efficacy with high turfgrass tolerance were observed in all the tested trials.

Moghu Research Center applied for the full registration to U.S. EPA first in 2015 and secondly in 2017. The "Unconditional Registration in Golf Course Turfgrass" was granted in December 2019. Moghu Research Center is proud of being able to launch PoaCure for the U.S. golf courses in 2020 and grateful for your patience and continuous support for a long time.


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