PoaCure® Ready to Receive Purchase Orders

PoaCure® Ready to Receive Purchase Orders

Palisades Park, New Jersey, March 25, 2020 – Moghu Research Center and Moghu USA (Moghu) announce that the fresh batch of PoaCure® SC has safely arrived in New Jersey, and are ready to receive purchase orders.


There have been many difficulties in making PoaCure® available on time due to the reduced shipping options from South Korea caused by the COVID-19. Additionally, the State Gov. of New Jersey, where Moghu USA is located, issued the stay-at-home order last Saturday. Therefore, Moghu USA encountered potential major trouble in handling purchase orders and delivery. Moghu USA received a confirmation from the New Jersey government that our activity in handling the purchase orders and delivery of PoaCure® would not violate the State order.


As of March 24, 34 States granted the state registrations. Please check the status at POACURE.COM. More state registrations will follow in those not having been granted yet. Moghu applied for the entire U.S. states except for Alaska and Hawaii.


We understand most of everybody in the turf industry has been affected by the COVID-19. We share sympathy with any difficulty to go through for all of the turf community and wish you health, peace, and safety during this time.



About Moghu Research Center and Moghu USA

Moghu Research Center is a research company specializing in new herbicide discovery and development located in Daejeon, South Korea. Moghu USA is a sister company of Moghu Research Center and the exclusive distributor of PoaCure® in the USA.



Kyung Han

Director of Sales and Technology, PoaCure